2011 Homecoming Organizing Committees

Key Persons [Proposed] Goals & Functions
(Grand Alumni Reunion)
Goals and Function
(Alumni Association)
1 Registration and Membership
Chairman: Ma. Corazon Loja
1. Marissa Godienes
2. Mary Ann dela Cruz
3. Mary Grace Morollano
4. Henedina Hisoler
5. Claudia Ragon
6. Ma. Erma Suyon
7. Ma. Felisa Valencia

1. Geraldine Ignacio
2. Cynthia Garcia
3. Nelia Nieto
4. Mary Grace Capit
5. Evangeline Ramos
6. Rosalie Feliciano
7. Divina Arpon
8. Sunshine Flores
1. manage and ensure the efficient and effective registration and enlistment procedures of participants during grand reunion.
2. prepare membership form or member's personal data information sheet to be filled up by alumni participants.
3. submit budget plan to the Ad-hoc Committee their committee needs including their plans and proposals.
4. prepare and submit attendance report of all participants during alumni homecoming to newly elected SPNHS BODs Alumni Association.
1. develop membership policies, guidelines and procedures in order to ensure and provide an organized or efficient data based system, proper record keeping & maintenance of updated registration list and personal information of alumni. [hard and soft copy].
2. promote membership enlistment and expansion, review and update membership policies and incentives; inform and notify members of their status, updates, opportunities, activities and plans.
3. Create an efficient and effective communication link and access among alumni members and association officers by maintaining an updated information about their whereabouts and contact numbers.
4. develop and implement an effective membership campaign and recruitment to expand active support and involvement of members
2 Program and Planning Committee
Chairman: Divina Arpon
Co-Chair: Prescilla B. Vallarta
1. Celeste Regala
2. Josephine Jimenez
3. Catherine Cataniag
4. Mariel Baloncio
5. Amy S. Serdena
1. propose and develop program of SPeans Grand Alumni Homecoming on May 28, 2011 for approval, dissemination and implementation.
2. take charge of inviting guest speaker, provide and consolidate suggestions/recommendations on; theme, attire and venue motif for final approval and implementation.
3. assign, mobilize, coordinate and delegate manpower needs and tasks needed in the program to encourage unity, and collaborative support as well as ensure legendary success and order of the event.
4. prepare and submit budgetary needs and requirements of the committee for approval.
5. attend and manage reception of guests and participants, event coordination and smooth organization of the whole program.
1. propose, develop, and submit annual or medium term plans, programs and projects of the association aimed to benefit SPNHS community [alumni, faculty, students and extended community] for approval by the soon to be elected Board of Directors and alumni members in a General Assembly.
2. implement, monitor, oversee and evaluate outcome and impacts of plans and projects regularly through accurate measuring tools and assessment techniques.
3. prepare and submit annual accomplishment report and documentation as basis for program evaluation and research, budget planning, public relation and publication.
4. develop and design responsive strategies and beneficial programs which would encourage members' active support, involvement and collaboration [local or abroad] in plan implementation, resource mobilization, networking and administrative support
3 Public Information
Chairman: Rachel Benavidez
Co-Chair: Gloria Galuno
1. Nanette Tabuac
2. Marlon Dadis
3. Chona Ora
4. Margarito Jimenez
5. Feddie Navarro-Estaniel
6. Richel Reyes
7. Elbert Conde
8. Danilo Refuyo
9. Edna Petallana
10. Jane Fiel
11. Sharon Mendoza
1. develop and implement publicity plans and promotional strategies to disseminate and advertise the first Speans Grand Alumni Homecoming on May 28, 2010.
2. create, encourage and expand awareness campaign about the Grand Alumni Homecoming activities and updates prior and during the event through tri-media approach.
3. prepare and design advertisement and publication materials to accomplish task goals no. 1 and 2.
4. accept, reply and manage public inquiries and opinions re: Grand Alumni Homecoming
1. develop and promote awareness campaign and publicity of the Association's recent plans, programs and activities including opportunities and updates about alumni and their accomplishments.
2. to assist and create a positive yet realistic publicity image of the Association to alumni in order to encourage membership, active support and involvement in programs and activities [locally and overseas]
4 Finance and Investments
Chairman: Ma. Dolores Agustin-Japon
Co-Chair: Orlando Gonzales
1. Sunshine Flores
2. Benjie Pablo
3. Renato Ignacio
4. Elvira Jimenez
5. Ma. Juvylyn Abante
6. Emelinda Julian
7. Analyn German
8. Maritess Jimenez
9. Debs Fajardo
10. Nora Sta Clara
11. Leonila Candelario
1. propose and submit budgetary plans of the Grand Alumni Homecoming needs and expenses for approval and implementation.
2. generate funds from internal and external sources needed to finance the budgetary requirements and expenses during Grand Alumni Homecoming.
3. prepare and develop timely and efficient contingency measures and recommendations to address budgetary constraint caused by insufficiency of funds and limited support.
4. establish, ensure and secure transparency/accountability of records and accounting procedures of all incoming and outgoing funds re: Grand Alumni Homecoming budget
1. prepare and recommend budgetary and investment plans of the association for approval of the Board of Directors.
2. propose and develop fund sourcing activities from internal and external sources to meet, finance and sustain budgetary needs/expenses of the Association.
3. maintain, review and evaluate financial status of the association to ensure transparency, accountability and sustainability of funds and financial needs.
5 Website
Chairman: Engr. Menandro R. Lim
1. create and provide an on- line or web source of information, exchange of data and opinions including updates and developments related to May 28, 2011 grand event.
2. establish and maintain a secured yet accessible and organized web data based system of all happenings and developments of the grand alumni homecoming to all domestic and overseas alumni who want to link up with on-going plans of the organizing committees.
3. to entertain, accept and reply queries, suggestions and recommendations even comments from alumni about grand alumni related concerns.
4. provide update, feedback and advice to the central working committees about alumni suggestions, recommendations and opinions re: grand alumni homecoming as additional basis of deliberation and planning every monthly meeting.
Applicable to both
6 Food
Chairman: Aida B. Landingin
1. Caridad Rimaro
2. Donna de Mesa
3. Ellen Guilermo
4. Benjamin Francisco
5. Femy delos Santos
6. Liezl Varnal

1. prepare, submit and recommend food quotation or menu list to cater food during event as basis of budget approval and appropriation.
2. ensure the best quality yet affordable food service by inviting more bidders to present quotation.
3. prepare, mobilize, delegate and coordinate manpower to ensure that food service is properly distributed, attended and managed during event.
4. prepare and submit transparent liquidation report of food expenses to the organizing committee a week after event.
During alumni homecoming only
7 Scholarship
Chairman: Joel Jonathan Campo
Co-Chair: Annie Torres
1. Prescilla B. Vallarta
2. Haydee Torres
3. Margie Crizaldo
4. Ailyn Blancaflor
5. Espie Espanola
6. Evelyn Atayde
7. Donna de Mesa
prepare and submit recommendation report on the day of the Grand Alumni Homecoming a list of qualified scholarship applicants for immediate approval of the soon to be elected Board of Directors of the Association. 1. develop, propose and recommend scholarship eligibility policies and guidelines, programs and opportunities, recruitment and screening procedures to the Association's Board of Directors.
2. mobilize and generate scholarship funds from alumni and external sources through pledges, donation, grant or subsidy/loan assistance [and partly from other income generating projects of the Association].
3. promote, disseminate and award scholarship grant/assistance to qualified and deserving beneficiaries or recipients without bias and discrimination.
4. accept, screen/evaluate and recommend scholarship applications for Board of Directors' approval.
8 Special Project: Alumni Building
Chairman: Engr. Menandro R. Lim
Engr. Arnel Bantula
  1. create and design a blueprint plan of the proposed Alumni Building for approval and implementation.
2. attend, manage and secure necessary permits/documents in building construction.
3. prepare, submit and recommend a minimum of three bidders with budget quotation and specifications of building cost and construction to ensure quality yet affordable alumni building .
4. mobilize and generate building funds? Or assist in fund generation through contacts and referrals. D ba dapat ang Finance and Investment Committee ang mag accept at mag manage ng donation and pledges intended para dito?
5. attend, manage, supervise and report updates in building construction from start until completion to monitor work progress, assure quality of contractor's rendered service and identify construction related problems.
6. prepare and submit building completion report and turn-over of the Alumni building in a ceremony to be decided upon by Board of Directors and school officials.
9 Nominations and Awards
Chairman: Gie Galeza
1. Sandy Galeza
2. Kristine Galeza
3. Esterlyn Pagawitan<
4. Amy Serdena
5. Alexander Aguirre
1. prepare and develop nomination policies and awards procedures for comments and suggestions from concerned stakeholders.
2. establish, finalize and approve these nomination and awards policies, procedures and standards for dissemination and implementation.
3. accept, screen, evaluate and approve candidates or nominees based on credibility, fairness, secrecy and transparency.
4. determine and identify category of awards to be given annually based on necessity or practicality, propriety and suitability.
5. take charge of token's purchase and announcement of recipients during Grand Alumni Homecoming.
Applicable to both
10 Election
Chairman: Eduardo V. Cruz-SPNHS Principal
1. prepare, develop and submit draft of nomination and election rules and procedures for comments, critiquing and suggestions from concerned stakeholders prior to approval by committee.
2. finalize draft for printing, dissemination and publication.
3. attend and manage electoral process and proceedings from nomination to proclamation of winners for the post Board of Directors, Committee Heads of the Alumni Association during the grand event on May 28, 2011.
11 Job Placement
Chairman: Arnel Bantula
1. Edna Petallana
2. Joel Camero
3. Raymond de Leon
4. Bryan Manile
5. Edison Daclis
6. Ronald Evasco
  1. create, establish and maintain data base of available and updated job opportunities from internal [alumni referrals] source and external linkages or partnership for dissemination, access and use by members in need of employment.
2. mobilize and intensify internal and external linkages with alumni here and abroad through email, newsletter and referrals to identify job opportunities and placement.
3. develop and maintain an updated and regular directory of alumni, organizations and companies needing job applicants.
4. provide initial screening if possible, referrals and recommendation to qualified job applicants.
12 Publication
Chairman: Gloria Galuno
1. Marlon Daclisa
2. Amelita Campo
3. Adela Vipinoso
1. assist and collaborate with Program and Planning Committee in preparing or designing a souvenir program of the Grand Alumni Homecoming 2011 until printing and reproduction.
2. assist Program and Planning Committee to develop and create a documentary presentation and photo exhibit featuring SPNHS history or chronicles during grand event to be approved by organizing committees.
3. prepare, create and reproduce an initial newsletter which features relevant SPNHS activities [ i.e. anniversary], projects and needs, administrative and academic personnel; and maybe Grand Alumni planning sessions.
1. prepare, manage, update and sustain the association's regular newsletter publication for dissemination, promotion and publicity to alumni members and sponsors.
2. collect, monitor and maintain access to events, relevant information and news involving the association and its members.
3. uphold and advocate for integrity, honesty, transparency, fairness in publication or information release of any articles featured.

As revised by: Prescy Bohol-Vallarta (Class '76-'77)

BATCH 1974 TO 2004

2011 Grand Homecoming

See your old classmates again! Renew old friendships! Sign up now for the Grand Alumni Homecoming for Batches 1974 to 2004 on May 28, 2011, at the SPNHS Roquero Gym.

Sign up here for the grand homecoming.

Want to help out? Check out the organizing committees for the Grand Homecoming and see where you can fit in.

Meeting of homecoming organizing committees The organizing committees for the 2011 SPNHS Grand Homecoming thresh out details with representatives of Batch '83. The Homecoming is scheduled for May 28, 2011, at the SPNHS Roquero Gym.

[2011 Homecoming Committees]


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